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Feather Dusters at Soundcloud

It is official. I have casted a pod, the audiobook version of my Cathy-and-Steed one-shot, “And All Will Be Well”: https://soundcloud.com/therealavengers/avengers-fanfiction-and-all-will-be-well

The Soundcloud site as a whole is at https://soundcloud.com/therealavengers.

Administrativa: Accessibility

Dear All,

I’m working on ways to make my blog more accessible to those with disabilities. I’ve started making audio recordings of my blogs and fic, which I will be uploading to SoundCloud. I’ll also be attaching links to the SoundCloud files at the top of every blog post and piece of fic. It may take some time to get files done for everything I’ve written so far, but I’m working on it, and all new stuff going forward will have an audio file connected with it.

If you are disabled and have any suggestions for improving accessibility to my blog, please let me know in the comments. If it’s something I can fix, I’ll do my best to accommodate you.


Avengerly yours,


“In for an Interesting Challenge”: Steed vs Dr Campbell in “The Master Minds”

Sir Clive Todd, an important British politician, has been found shot in the head in a safe containing secret documents, which he apparently was helping to steal. Steed and Mrs Peel go to Sir Clive’s house, where he is recuperating from his injuries. Mrs Peel is placed under cover as Sir Clive’s nurse. When Sir Clive finally regains consciousness, Steed and Mrs Peel question him, but he has no memory of the robbery, and his memories of other important things seem to be fuzzy as well.

Steed decides that it would be a good idea to have a psychiatrist examine Sir Clive, to see whether the amnesia is real or a clever cover for illegal activities. The Ministry sends Dr Fergus Campbell to help with the case, and his first interaction with Steed is a testy dick-smacking contest, which is worth reproducing in full: