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Final chapter of “For Suddenly I Saw You There” is up, plus extra goodies

Chapter 5 of “For Suddenly I Saw You There” is now available.

I’ve also compiled a page full of extras, with photos and blurbs about some of the places Steed visited. But WARNING: SPOILERS: If you haven’t read through chapter 4, you might want to read that first before you look at the extras. There’s also a link to the extras in the ToC in chapter 5.

If you’d like to start the story from the beginning, go here.

Lady Secret Agent Badassery

As I have noted elsewhere, there are many points of contact between The Avengers and The Champions, two British television series from the 1960s, and between The Champions and The New Avengers, which aired in the mid 1970s. In those previous blogs, I wrote about how elements of Avengers episodes are echoed in some of those from Champions, and then later how a New Avengers story echoed a Champions one.

Plots and villains and action aren’t the only places where these three series intersect, however. One important point of contact is in the character of the female secret agent. In Champions, this is Sharron Macready (Alexandra Bastedo), a medical doctor, biochemist, and agent of a private security service called Nemesis. Across the entirety of Avengers (including TNA), there were five female partners who worked with John Steed, but the one I’d like to concentrate on here is Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), since in many ways she has the most in common with Sharron.