Bold Deserving Rogues

One-Ten: How did you get on with Dragna?
Steed: We got on well. I rather like him.
One-Ten: You would.

In this scene from The Removal Men, Steed and his boss lounge on a beach in the south of France and discuss how to deal with the villian, a character named Dragna whose primary business is arranging assassinations for money.

We learn something important about Steed here. He has met Dragna, been a guest in his home, made a business arrangement with him while posing as a criminal for hire. He knows full well what it is Dragna does for a living. Steed has set himself against Dragna, and will do everything he needs to do in order to bring him to justice, including shoot him, which he ends up doing in Act III.

And yet Steed says he likes the man.