fan art

A Pissed-Off PSA


Instagram user karin459 has been posting my fan art without credit.

Not only are they doing that, but they’re also cropping the images to delete my signature.

Reposting without credit is dickish enough, but cropping the signature is beyond the pale. I’m naming names because of that last part.

Yes, they did an asshole thing, but please do not send them hate.


I don’t mind if folks want to put my stuff on their Insta, or Pinterest, or FB page, or wherever, but please do me the courtesy of crediting it to me (Sparklywaistcoat) and also posting the URL where you found it, or else the URL of my WordPress fan art page (

Because of these incidents (yes, they’ve done it at least twice that I can see), from now on I’m going to be putting much more visible watermarks and signatures on my stuff, so I’m going to retrofit and repost what’s already up and continue doing that with new things. Yeah, it kinda mars the art, but if it keeps people from stealing my stuff, then so be it.

AGAIN: DO NOT SEND THAT INSTA ANON HATE OR HATE OF ANY OTHER KIND. I am an adult and can deal with the situation myself, and I don’t want any assholery done in my name or on my behalf. Thanks.

Fan Art Scribbles

I made my first foray into watercolors today. I used pencil and Arteza brush pens on Strathmore 117-lb mixed-media paper.


I had been working on this portrait of Steed in his uniform from “Superlative Seven” in digital format, but I decided to see whether I could paint it with actual paints. It really wants to be in oils (or, failing that, acrylic), but watercolor brush pens are what I have at the moment.

I probably won’t do more with this, since it was more a test case for how the brushes handle, but there are a couple of other caps I have that I think would work well as watercolors, so stay tuned for further developments.