New Fan Fiction

bee.forholmesfic.facerightA continuation of “The Apprentice and the Beekeeper” is up at https://therealavengers.wordpress.com/the-apprentice-and-the-beekeeper-2/.

bee.forholmesfic.faceleftAnd if you missed the first chapter, you can find it here:



Avenging for Autism Acceptance

So I’ve started putting together images and captions connecting Avengers and Autism $peaks’ annual trolling for contributions. I’m going to add one every day them occasionally through the month of April. I won’t be making these separate blogs, just updating this one accordingly.

Off we go, then.

(Wondering why Autism $peaks is bad? Don’t take my word for it. Check this out instead.)

17 april

silentdust.hatsacrilegeAnd Steed was all, “VACCINES. DO. NOT. CAUSE. AUTISM.”