WordPress made me make this page so that I could have a dropdown with separate links to my fic in the navigation menu. But I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to provide you with another way to get to the good stuff. So here’s how to do that:

If you want to read the actual fic, hover on the “Fanfic” link in the navigation menu, and then click on whatever in the dropdown takes your fancy. Or you can click on one of the links below. (These will be updated as I add more stuff.)

•  I don’t really do fanfic, but…. : a blurb about fanfic-n-me

•  An Alternate Tag to “Two’s a Crowd”: actual fic, revising the end of “Two’s a Crowd”

•  The Morning After the Night Before: What happens after Steed and Emma take Brodny out for drinks

•  Quite Glorified Uncle: Steed spends New Year’s with his sister and her family, where he is a good uncle to his niece and nephew and has an unexpected adventure.
CHAPTERS:  1  ·  2  ·  3  · 4   · 5  · 6  · 7  · 8  · 9  · 10 · 11  ·  12  · 13  · 14  · 15  · 16 · 17  · 18  · 19  · Epilogue

•  For Suddenly I Saw You There: Steed leaves Gambit and Purdey to mind the shop while he has a holiday in San Francisco.
CHAPTERS:  1 ·  2  ·  3  · 4 · 5 · Title Explainer · Extras
NB: The title explainer and extras pages contain spoilers about who it is that Steed meets, so you might want to read through chapter 4 before going there.

• The Apprentice and the Beekeeper: Steed and Emma have a day at the beach in Sussex, and Steed sees someone that reminds him about the time he met Sherlock Holmes.
CHAPTERS:  1 · 2 · 3 · 4

• The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend: Steed is forced to work with Bond on an important national security case.
CHAPTERS:  1 ·  2 · 3

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Steed and Emma work a case that takes them to the Addams Family mansion.

Spies Belong in the Kitchen: An Avengers/Nero Wolfe crossover.