Audio Files: Update

I’ve decided to close down the SoundCloud site and put my audio files here. That way everything is all in one place, except for the music vids, which will remain on YouTube.

So far I only have one file prepared, the one-shot fic “All Will Be Well.” I’m hoping to add other fic and also to start an audio series for the blog posts in the near future.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

Another Day, Another Fic….

orchid.wolfesteedSo I started another fic. Yeah, yeah, I know: I haven’t finished any of the other three that I’ve got in progress and for continuations of which you are all waiting with bated breath. But I had to scratch this particular itch because it was bugging me and because I didn’t want the idea to float away before I could get it out of my head. Also it gives y’all something to chew on while I figure out where the other ones go next.

Anyhow. This one is a Nero Wolfe crossover, and so it is written in Archie Goodwin’s voice, a la Rex Stout’s Wolfe novels. Or at least this bit of it is. I haven’t decided whether there will be POV switching yet, but there probably will be.

And with that, here be the link:


Started a fanfic section on this here blog thing. Because God help me, I’ve actually written some. And God help me, I’m actually writing more. (Yes, you read that correctly. Me. I’m writing fanfic. No, the world as we know it is not actually ending. Although tune in on November 8 for further developments along those lines. But I digress.)


Even Steed needs a minute to process the fact that I’m writing fic

FYI: Don’t hold your breath for the next installment. Well, unless holding your breath is your thing. Then you can do that all you want. The point is, this next fic’s gonna take a while. (Although Steed already has some quite delicious lines if I do say so myself. And I do.)

In the meantime, you can read the one specimen of the species I have already cranked out, by clicking on the “Fanfic” link in the navigation menu, and then clicking on the second item in the drop-down menu. (The first one is just some introductory blather about fic in general and my relation thereto.)

An announcement will appear here when the Blessed Event does finally happen. So watch this space. In an infrequent and desultory fashion with regard to new fic. (You should be reading it all the time for my other stuff already. Just sayin’.)

Fictively yours,