The Avengers International Fan Forum: Racism and Variegated Bigotry Edition

update 11 april 2019

The moderators have removed the entire Bond thread.

I’m still not going back to the forum.

update 2 april 2019

I decided to respond to Mod #2’s last post about this (screen shot #15) and have added that to the transcript and screen shots. I will not be making any further visits to the forum after this point.

Well, I’ve decided to leave the Avengers International Fan Forum.

Why, you might ask, since pretty much all I do is Avenge during my free time?

I left because some forum members made racist posts (with a liberal sprinkling of other forms of bigotry), and when I called them out in no uncertain terms, to their faces, I was admonished by the mods for not being “friendly,” and one of my anti-racist posts was deleted. In fact, it was the most important of all the anti-racist posts I had made in that thread. And it didn’t stop there.

I asked the mods to remove the racist posts (I mean, the forum rules say “no racism”), or at the very least address the problem themselves. The mods declined, saying that they had no problem with the racist posts, and one of them even went so far as to congratulate one of the racists for “stepping in” to the discussion.

When I called that one mod out for having done those things, they proceeded to prune a huge chunk of the thread, mostly removing my posts protesting the racist statements of other members and the lack of action by the mods, and also the post I made specifically in reply to the “stepping in” statement, while leaving every post made by racist forum members standing. Every. Single. One.

The mod then went on to complain about being called out, saying that they “strongly oppose racism”—which they declined to do in any substantive form whatsoever anywhere on that thread as it was unfolding—but think they should let people have their say because they’re not a “censor”—despite having removed a whole bunch of my posts calling out the racists and the mods.

So I’m leaving, because I don’t want to be associated with a bunch of bigots, and I don’t want to be on a forum run by mods who are too blinded by their own privilege at best or too chickenshit or racist themselves at worst to speak up against racism and other forms of bullshittery, and who think that it’s okay to remove anti-racist posts while leaving all the racist ones alone.

So yeah. I wasn’t friendly.

I’m not going to be fucking friendly to a bunch of homophobic, transphobic, ableist, misogynistic racists. I’m not going to be fucking friendly to goddamn white nationalists. They don’t deserve friendliness. They don’t deserve polite, reasoned debate. They deserve confrontation and maybe a punch in the nose.

I do not want to be associated with a forum whose membership and mods don’t understand—or maybe don’t care—that “respecting our heritage” is a white nationalist dog whistle, as is the assertion that most (presumably white) Europeans “have no desire to be brainwashed by a minority.”  Yes, one dude said both of those things, for reals, and the mods gave precisely no shits about it, including the one who crowed about being opposed to racism. You can read the white nationalist statements below for yourself, in transcript and in screen shot. The posts containing those statements were left standing by the mods after the purge, and were still visible in the thread when I checked as of the evening of 1 April 2019.

I do not want to be associated with a forum whose membership and mods are just fine with people making racist/bigoted posts as long as the conversation is “civil” and “friendly” and “respectful,” and who think that racist statements are simply matters of “opinion.”

Because racism and other forms of bigotry are not abstract “opinions” that you can hold without consequence. They are attitudes towards other human beings that are actively harmful, and need to be stopped whenever possible.

The mods on the Avengers fan forum simply don’t have the backbone to stand up to the racists among the forum membership. Not only that, they have declined to challenge racist statements as they were being made, and have actively worked to silence the one person who dared to oppose the racist members and call the forum  mods to account, while leaving every racist post completely untouched.


If you want to watch the destruction as it unfolded, read on. It started with me suggesting that Idris Elba be cast in the role of James Bond and went downhill from there. I screenshotted the whole damn thing, which I am attaching below for your delectation, following a transcription for screen readers.

My nom de guerre on the forum was MasterMind, so posts marked with that name in the screen shots are mine. I have redacted identifying information of the other parties involved for my own protection, not for theirs, because honestly they deserve to have their disgusting attitudes displayed in the full light of day. This of course excepts the thread originator, who is completely innocent of any bigotry on this thread.

Be aware that what follows is full to bursting with racist and white nationalist sentiments, as well as dollops of homophobia, transphobia, sexism, fatphobia, and ableism. I think there might be some Islamophobia, too, just for spice. (Yes, the tone of the preceding is sarcastic.)