Avenging for Autism Acceptance

So I’ve started putting together images and captions connecting Avengers and Autism $peaks’ annual trolling for contributions. I’m going to add one every day them occasionally through the month of April. I won’t be making these separate blogs, just updating this one accordingly.

Off we go, then.

(Wondering why Autism $peaks is bad? Don’t take my word for it. Check this out instead.)

17 april

silentdust.hatsacrilegeAnd Steed was all, “VACCINES. DO. NOT. CAUSE. AUTISM.”

16 april

neurodivergent-hourthatneverwas-09Steed knows that eye contact is difficult for Hickey, so Steed
accommodates him by not forcing it. Steed is a good ally.

15 april

(quel dommage: updates didn’t happen today, either)

14 april

autismacceptance.nastynursery.01John Steed has no time for your bullshit “awareness” campaign.

(yes, the one for 13 april is missing. thursday was busy.)

12 april


Steed: It’s a blue light. They had it set up on the front gate
for Autism Awareness Month. I, er, appropriated it.

Emma: Let’s take it out into the quad. First you smash it
with a cricket bat, and then I’ll make an incendiary device
to blow up the pieces.

Steed: Jolly good idea, Mrs Peel.

11 april

touchofbrimstone.steed.engardeSteed got tired of people trying to explain how Autism $peaks
isn’t all that bad, so he started challenging them to duels
when they started that nonsense. He found it remarkably effective.

10 april

novemberfive.steed.cathy.politicians.02And Cathy was all, “I only work with charities that actually spend
most of their money on the people they claim to be trying to help.
So no. I won’t work for Autism $peaks. Don’t ask me again.”

9 april

Steed was astonished and pleased by how quickly
Emma disposed of the autism paaaaaaaarents.

8 april

(voice through hedge): Would you like to donate to Autism $peaks, sir?
Steed: Goddammit, if I’ve told them once….

7 april

The Jigsaw Master also told Tara that although he loved puzzles very much,
he and other autistics didn’t like being compared to one,
so she took the Autism $peaks bumper sticker off her car.

6 april

avengers-unsorted-caps2016-11-18-18h29m27s818Once Tara learned that the Jigsaw Master didn’t like being called
“a person with autism,” she stopped using person-first language
and called him “the autistic Jigsaw Master” instead,
because she respected his wishes about his identity.

5 april


And Steed was all, “Use pathologizing language one more time, Major,
and I shall pummel you straight into next week.”

4 april

autisticawareness.interrogators.01And Steed was all, “Tell me again how you want to ‘cure’ my autistic friends.”

3 april

avengers-unsorted-caps2016-11-11-21h53m06s819And Emma was all, “Ask me to ‘light it up blue’ one more time.
Go on. Ask me. Are you feeling lucky today? Well, are you?”

2 april

emma.senseofhistory.undergradthrash.gifYour scare tactics won’t convince Mrs Peel
to donate to Autism $peaks.

1 april

forgetmeknot.steed.tara.addressandphoneWherein Tara tries to get Steed to donate to Autism $peaks
and Steed gives her the look of death in return.


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