A Ponderable Blog from Elsewhere: “We Are Not Machines”

Juhee Kwon has some important things to say about rest, art, and work in this blog I came across today. Sometimes I wonder whether I spend more time writing than I ought to do. Well, I probably do, or at least spend more time writing things that I can’t use to support myself. But that doesn’t mean that my work doesn’t have value, even if nobody is ever going to pay me for it.

There are other kinds of value than the ones that come with currency price tags. And those other kinds of value are actually a lot more important in the long run, and in terms of our humanity.

As Juhee writes,

Acts of creation are like looking capitalism in the eye and declaring, “I cannot be defined by your standards; I am fundamentally un-quantifiable.” It brings into question the capitalist process of quantifying or commercializing labor. How to put a monetary price tag on food / pottery / art / music / time that do not have set quantifiable labor inputs.

Read the rest of her post here.


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